Sfakia, long isolated under the White Mountains in the southeast corner of Chania province, was the cradle of Crete’s most daring and most moustachioed desperados who clobbered each other in blood feuds, but in times of need became the island’s bravest freedom fighters.

Now connected to the civilization by a good and dramatically beautiful road, the Sfakiots have put their daggers away and prey no more than any other Cretan on invading foreigners. Most tourists see the chief town, Chora Skakion, only as a place to rest after the boat ride from the Gorge of Samaria, but you may well want to linger on this sun-bleached coast, dotted with beaches, other gorges and places to explore with Elan’s Cars, but perhaps most congenial for being incredibly lazy.

The trip from Chania or Rethymnon center to Chora Sfakion lasts with one of our new Elan Cars. Rent a car and get your chance to discover Cretan wild beauty. Find Iligas beach and send us your photos.