Drive to Falassarna Beach

Falassarna Beach: Swim in Paradise!

Falasarna Beach is a famous destination in Crete. The location of the place is on the Gramvousa Peninsula. The beach has won awards for being the best beach in Crete.

The beach features a vast coastline of about 3 km. Rocks or sand dunes seperates five beaches in a row. Two of these beaches attract the most significant crowds.


Drive to Falassarna to see for yourself

Pachia Ammos is the most popular beach. It spans 1 km and is quite broad. Its waters are crystal-clear, and its sand is light-colored, reflecting a turquoise tint. At the northernmost edge of the beach, there is a small inlet that is hidden away. It is an excellent alternative for people who prefer privacy.

South of Pachia Ammos, at Livadi, there is a sandy beach with a stony seabed. If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, you can explore the underwater world at this perfect location. The beach located to the south, next to a small harbor, is small, pebbly and filled with complete serenity.


Sunset in Falasarna Beach!

The majestic sunset at Falassarna Beach in Crete attracts many visitors. The area has unique beauty. Visitors can find there rare flora and fauna. The ‘Natura 2000’ European protection network includes it in its list. It is a natural setting.


Join the party

Every first Saturday in August, Falassarna beach hosts a beach party that attracts crowds from all over. As the party begins, attendees pitch their tents on the beach and enjoy the sounds of different DJs throughout the night while dancing under the stars. Nowadays, this beach summer party has become an institution that collects visitors and locals to enjoy overnight the nature and music festival.

If you love adventure, Falassarna is the perfect place for parasailing. To explore more, you can plan a visit to the ruins of the ancient port city of Falassarna. These ruins date back to the 6th century BC and offer a glimpse into the rich history of the area. By visiting these ruins, you can learn more about the culture and traditions of the people who inhabited this ancient city.You will find these ruins located to the north of the beach.

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