Drive to Knossos with great Elan

The archeological site of Knossos is only 15 minutes away from Helaklion center using a brand new car of Elan’s Car Rental fleet.

Here is the Palace of King Minos.

The weird dream-image has come down through the ages. Knossos, the House of the Double Axe, the Labyrinth of King Minos. The audacious bull dances, secrete mysteries and Jungian archetypes evoke a deep, secret resonance few places in Europe can equal. Thanks in good part to Arthur Evan’s imaginative if controversial reconstructions, brightly painted in primary colors and rising up two storeys against the hill-girded plain, Knossos has become the second most visited place in Greece after the Acropolis in Athens. Plus, tall cypresses and views of the jagged hills and olive groves to the east and vineyards to the south make Knossos something of a garden ruin.

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